WildTrack features for Business Roundtable (BRT) 2016

Business for Wildlife! We’re thrilled to have been chosen by SAS to feature in the new 2016 roundtable report ‘Create, Grow, Sustain’!

SAS is a member of the Business Roundtable (http://businessroundtable.org/about) consisting of leading US companies with $7 trillion in annual revenues.  https://businessroundtable.org/resources/sustainability/2016/companies/sas-sustainability-2016

cheetah cubs on anthill




Box turtle neighbourhood watch

The Piedmont Wildlife Center (PWC) in Durham is encouraging citizen scientists to sign up and help monitor Box turtles (Terrapene carolina carolina)) in North Carolina, where sadly they have no protection.

WildTrack is working to develop a system to identify individuals from their shell patterns and keep track of their progress. The turtles are about to come out of their winter hibernation for imaging.  If we succeed it will be the first FIT for reptiles!

Box turtle neighbourhood watch article

turtle for FIT

turtle under car

Forum article ‘Protecting Global Biodiversity’ just published….

Technologies have so much to offer towards protecting global biodiversity, but only if they are appropriately deployed.  Together with colleague Stuart Pimm, we comment on the pros and cons in this Forum article published today.

Pimm, S., Jewell, Z.C. &  Alibhai, S.K. (2016) Comment on ‘Technologies for Conserving Biodiversity in the Anthropocene’, by John O’Brien. Forum response for Issues in Science and Technology. “Forum.” Issues in Science and Technology 32, no. 2 (Winter 2016). http://issues.org/32-2/forum-29/