A Global Challenge: ConservationFIT

ConservationFIT (ConservationFIT.org) is a new project from WildTrack.  Our mission is to accelerate the rate at which FIT can be developed for endangered species and facilitate the transfer of technology for use in monitoring.  

We need your help!  Check out our new website, ConservationFIT.org and see how you can contribute.

We’re calling on volunteers, citizen scientists, naturalists, anyone who loves being outside and sees footprints!  We need you to collect images of animal footprints for us and upload them to our ConservationFIT.org site.  20.Amur_Tiger_Cub-225-300

The site has interactivity to allow the upload of images of footprints and other media you might want to share with a dedicated Forum to network with others.

If you can collect footprints from animals of known identity, sex or age-class we can use them to develop FIT algorithms to monitor their free-ranging counterparts.