Technology and development

We are currently moving WildTrack forward in several areas:

1.  The development 1.black_rhino-200-301of an automated approach to the extraction of a footprint image from it’s background.  This work is being done in conjunction with Dr Edgar Lobaton and colleagues at NC State University, North Carolina.

2.  The further development and automation of graphical and statistical routines in JMP software which is used to make a classification at the required level.

3.  Developing a multi-species database for FIT which will enable us to develop rapid-response algorithms from a large database of images.

4.  The development of  a handheld field-tool which can take footprint images, manipulate them for FIT, analyse the data and then transmit the output real-time to allow for rapid-deployment of anti-poaching units.

If you have a particular expertise in any of these areas and would like to help with this project development please contact us.