Our Mission

WildTrack is a 501(c)3 based in North Carolina, USA. Our mission is to develop and implement non-invasive, community-friendly approaches to provide more effective monitoring of endangered species, to protect them and to reduce human:wildlife conflict.

We have more than 70 combined years experience in wildlife conservation, >20 species projects around the world, and a range of experienced partners from governments, corporations, other non-profits and universities. Our work helps solve the huge challenges of wildlife poaching, human:wildlife conflict, and habitat destruction.

The Coronavirus Pandemic has cast a sharp focus on the legal and illegal trade in wild species, bringing a new urgency to our work.

Protecting wildlife is no longer an ‘optional extra’. It is Key to preventing pandemics.

WildTrack’s work has been covered widely in global media.

Recently we were listed in the ‘Top 50 Social Impact Innovations that might save the world’.

Please donate to help our work. You can donate by making a direct payment to PayPal, GoFundMe, or GuideStar. You can also contribute by nominating WildTrack to receive a percentage of your own spending through Amazon Smile, or Giving Assistant, each located in the sidebar. Thank you so much for your support.

Contact us with any questions.

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