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Group from Field Project

Learning how to capture footprints at Carolina Tiger Rescue, NC

This new interactive conservation project will help us keep track of endangered species, using WildTrack’s footprint identification technique (FIT).

Using footprints alone, we can develop algorithms to identify animals by their species, individual, sex, and age-class. This information allows conservationists to manage their populations, protect them from poachers, and reduce human-wildlife conflict.



How can I help?  There are lots of different ways to contribute to our global map of footprints.

  • If you work at a zoo, captive-breeding facility, rescue center or sanctuary, you can help us collect footprints from the animals in your care to build classification algorithms.
  • If you see footprints, regularly as part of your work or recreation, you can help us collect trails of footprints.
  • If you fly drones over areas where you see footprints, you can collect images of the trails or even individual footprints (please be careful to abide by all local regulations)
  • If you work in field conservation, you can help us validate new FIT algorithms, then we’ll help you put FIT into practice for monitoring your study species.

Participating in ConservationFIT can offer several benefits.  Field projects can forge links to zoos that are helping develop species FIT algorithms and share media for education, and develop support relationships or co-host workshops for FIT training.

How to get started with ConservationFIT?

Help us collect footprint data so that we can map your observations

Connect through our social media to share your images, and connect with zoos, sanctuaries or field projects to conserve endangered species.

Volunteer your special skills in computer vision, mapping, imaging, drones imaging, and media outreach.

Integrate FIT into your existing monitoring technology for a stronger approach.

Contact us about international FIT training workshops or other aspects of the project


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