How you can help!

Photographing left hing footprint

Photographing left hind footprint

We need your help to deliver the world’s first database for endangered species!

Here’s how!

1.  Donate to WildTrack


2.  Volunteer your time to help us

Just send us a note with your idea. we’d love to hear from you!

3. Collect footprints for us

All you need is your smartphone, a metric scale and a good eye to see the footprints 🙂

Our new WildTrackAI footprint collection app. will soon be available on Google Play and the Apple Store. Watch this space!

Meantime, please contact us here if you would like to help!

We’ll explain how to get great images with your phone and how you can get them to us!

FIT is designed to be non-invasive to wildlife. Always take care not to disturb animals in their natural habitat and, if possible, always take an experienced local tracker with you if you are going to walk for any distance in terrain which is unknown to you.  If you’re working in a zoo always follow the safety regulations of that institution, working in close collaboration with a keeper or animal manager.


A trail of footprints is an unbroken sequence made by one animal

When taking footprint images, the app will explain that each trail has a separate identity (eg trail #1, 2, 3 etc) and within the trail, each footprint is labelled a, b, c etc.





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