Send us footprints!

Photographing left hing footprint

Photographing left hind footprint

If you see footprints on a hike, or as part of your work, you can join us!


We want to use footprints to map endangered species around the world, and learn how to protect them better.

See ‘How to take an image of a footprint’ below for details on how you can help us collect data!

Read this first –  how to collect footprint images using Epicollect

If you’re working in a zoo setting to collect footprints, please see this video at the bottom of this page. It will help you get started, but remember to consult with safety experts at each location for specific safety regulations.

If you’re collecting from wild/free-ranging animals, you just need to look for footprints in natural substrate.

Once you’ve found footprints, read our Epicollect guide, and download  the Epicollect5 app 

If you’re an occasional user find the WildTrack Fast Data Collection project on the app. Just follow the instructions step by step.

If you’re a more experienced tracker, or professional biologist, and want individual, sex or age-class ID,  find the WildTrack Expert Users project on the app. You’ll need to sign in because this is a secure site, but all you need is to send us your gmail address and we can log you in. Send it to See all the details here.

All you need is your smartphone, a metric scale and a good eye to see the footprints.

How to take an image of a footprint

Summary of process:

Get aquainted with the app we use to collect data: Epicollect5 . It works on iOS or Android.

Here are more details on getting the app

First, please take care not to disturb animals in their natural habitat and, if possible, always take an experienced local tracker with you if you are going to walk for any distance in terrain which is unknown to you.  

Follow the directions on the app, it will guide you through the process one step at a time 🙂


A trail of footprints is an unbroken sequence

Each footprint is labelled 1a, b, c etc




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