Corporate Partnerships

WildTrack offers unique opportunities for corporate partners. We are available as speakers for your event or special occasion, and depending on your location can showcase our technology in partnership with local zoos or our field projects. We are also able to offer customized visits for high-profile donors to visit our field sites. Let’s work together to create valuable partnerships to help the environment.

Inspire your customers

87% of consumers prefer to buy products from a corporation with a proven environmental support record.

Network with our corporate supporters

WildTrack has a strong network of corporate, academic, non-profit and governmental partners. We’re inviting partners whose mission, product or philosophy intersects with ours.

Join a global team with a proven track-record

Founders Sky Alibhai and Zoe Jewell and are the world’s foremost pioneers in the field of sustainable tracking and monitoring of endangered species with a combined 70 years of experience in the field.

Challenge your technology

We offer the opportunity to test new technologies in challenging and often remote field conditions.

Gain international visibility

WildTrack is a small NGO with low overheads but extremely high visibility, offering the highest benefit:cost ratio (BCR). WildTrack’s work is regularly reported internationally in both print and video, recently including Time magazine.

Attract the best employees

 Our global media presence linked to your company will attract and retain employees.

Offer engaging in-house volunteer opportunities

WildTrack offers many different in-house employee opportunities to engage and volunteer, ranging from on-campus projects to fieldwork in Africa.

Impress your key clients

WildTrack offers opportunities to showcase their work on a personal level.

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