Footprint challenges…


Mountain lion or Coyote asks the observer? This print has claw marks, and the toe areas combined are too large to fit into the heel area. Both those indicate a dog species, so not a mountain lion.

We’re often sent curious footprint images by folks wondering who made the large footprints around their home. Sometimes the photographer wonders if they might be tiger prints when in fact they turn out to be from a local dogs. Other times we’ve received a fake ‘yeti’ print, fabricated with a garden rake and some hand-made details.  Most often we get footprints from wild animals commonly found in the region they came from.


On this page we’ll be posting some of the more interesting footprint images that come our way!

If you’re out tracking and you find an interesting footprint, send it to us – we could feature it on this page! The tiger footprint below shows how it’s done.


This is a Siberian tiger footprint captured in the snow. It’s a perfect outline, close-up, and with a cm (metric) scale on the left and bottom edges. The photographer is directly overhead of the print, ensuring the scaling is correct. If you can collect prints like this we will feature you on this page! Our new WildTrackAI app is almost ready for use, but if you collect prints before then just email them with the GPS where you took them, your name, email and the date, and any other information you have. Happy tracking!


A faked black rhino footprint in West Africa. Someone took off his shoe and pushed the toe section forward into the sand in three areas to make it look a bit like a rhino print. This led to months of confusion regarding the status of the Western subspecies of the black rhino.


A genuine rhino footprint!










Racoon prints on paving stone covered in annual pine pollen dust fall. From L to R, hind left, front right.

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