Innovative technology using footprints

Footprints contain vital information!

Cave Paintings

FIT is a distillation of the ancient science of tracking

FIT is the translation of an ancient science. Indigenous trackers have known for thousands of years that footprints contain essential information about the animals that made them. FIT is a translation of that knowledge for modern science.

We can now identify the species, individual, sex and age-class of animal that made the footprint. These data allow them to develop effective conservation management strategies. FIT has been developed for 15 species, ranging from the giant panda to Bengal tiger and cheetah.

Getting FIT to where it’s needed – faster! Each species has unique foot geometry and requires a customized FIT algorithm. ConservationFIT will help us get FIT to conservationists faster.

FIT is powered by JMP data visualisation software from SAS.


See our beautiful infographic showing the 10 steps to get ConservationFIT in English, Spanish and Portuguese

Footprint photos

Footprints from a wide range of species

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