Selected Media and Presentations

  1. Forbes: AI for Good
  2. Skydio 2 for wildlife conservation 
  3. Scientific American – New app tracks black rhino through their footprints
  4. Drones Defend Nature – Inside Unmanned Systems
  5. Namibia – all about tracks
  6. WildTrack in 50 Social impact innovations that might save the world
  7. WildTrack presents at EarthDay2020 for JMP On Air
  8. TIME magazine reports on WildTrack’s work
  9. WildTrack honoured to be JMP superusers!
  10. senseFly reports on International WildTrack workshop
  11. WildTrack in ‘Conservation Corner’ for the Piedmont Wildlife Center
  12. Trajectory magazine from the USGIF
  13. Earth Island Journal on WildTrack
  14. Panda Sleuth: On the trail of the 6-toed bear
  15. Retraction Watch 
  16. Where Traditional Ecology Meets Technology.
  17. Spotting Cheetahs, Identifying individuals by their footprints.
  18. Otterly Great Work! 
  19. Come together: collaboration key to harnessing information age technology
  20. Putin’s Tiger – Caught in the Act!  
  21. Footprint Identification Technology to the rescue of the Giant Panda
  22. Monitoring endangered species, without further endangering them
  23. JMP forward article 
  24. Dare we follow in the Tiger’s footsteps?  National Geographic Big Cats blog Sept 2013
  25. MIT Technology Review.  August 2013.
  26. Naankuse news.  May 2013
  27. National Geographic radio interview
  28. JMP “Analytically speaking” webcast
  29. Amur Tiger in North-East China – a new approach to monitoring using footprint
  30. Financial Times interview
  31. BBC Radio 4

white rhino gather at sunrise in Namibia

An aerial view of the central Namibian plateau


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