Research and development

Conservation from the ground up! Looking for cheetah footprints…

WildTrack has a strong focus on research & development to improve wildlife monitoring techniques

Current priorities include: 

1.   Research into the potential of missing values to allow incomplete footprints to be processed with FIT

2.  The development of UAV aerial monitoring to improve the volume of data that can be collected

3.  Augmenting our multi-species database to offer FIT for additional species

4.  The development of Artificial Intelligence/Machine learning and image-processing filters to help us deal with rapidly increasing volumes of data.

5.  Testing FIT alongside other non-invasive approaches, particularly camera and radar traps, as component of a rapid-response toolbox for anti-poaching.

rhino prints along a dirt road in Namibia

6.  The development of a seamless citizen-science protocol for collecting and delivering footprint data.

If you have expertise in any of these areas and would like to help with this project development please contact us.

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