Our Mission


WildTrack’s Mission is to protect endangered species using a unique combination of advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence, and traditional ecological knowledge.

panda cub showing foot

WildTrack has developed an innovative new model to tackle the global decline in species – using footprints.

Our WildTrack Specialist Group community of more than 20 professional conservation biologists focuses on non-invasive, and community-based technologies.

One of our approaches is footprint identification technology (FIT). Footprints are many times easier to find than the animals themselves, and can inform on their numbers and distribution. Our morphometric and AI models can provide accuracies of >90% in classifying by species, individual, sex and age-class. These data are made available for species protection and the mitigation of human-wildlife conflict.

We maximise data collection by engaging a wide range of participants from scientists, recreational citizen scientists, eco-tourists and expert trackers who often hold valuable traditional ecological knowledge.

Our hands-off, animal-friendly approach also reduces the risk of human:other species transmission of viruses and reduces the risk of future pandemics.

Our Objectives

1. To develop and apply non-invasive and objective censusing and monitoring techniques as a fundamental resource for wildlife conservation. WildTrack’s Footprint Identification Technology (FIT) includes both gold-standard morphometric models and artificial intelligence to provide accurate and objective data to monitor endangered species.

2. To revive, value and engage expert local ecological knowledge in communities who have lived with endangered and elusive species over generations.

3. To use the power of scientific networking to augment data collection from endangered species around the world. Footprints are ubiquitous, and can be easily and opportunistically collected by anyone with a smartphone or camera.

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