Art meets Science for Conservation!

WildTrack Specialist Group members Amy Fitzmaurice and Asaf Ben-David are presenting a unique art exhibition for our workshop in Portugal, October 30th – November 6th 2022.

Our Footprint Identification Technology (FIT) emerged from the art and science of tracking. Asaf’s anatomically precise and beautiful track drawings will be complemented by Amy’s wonderful representations of the animals who made them.

Amy’s D.Phil from Oxford University, UK, was based on promoting co-existence between humans and tigers in Nepal. Now, as human:wildlife co-existence officer at the Kent Wildlife Trust in the UK she’s doing the same for British species. 

Asaf is a Ph.D. student at Tel-Aviv University in Israel and a cybertracker certified expert. He works on many platforms with community engagement in conservation and is the author of tracking books and the nature site www.

To learn more about their art, please contact:

Asaf:                       Amy:



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