Kate Gilman-Williams: An 11 yr old animal conservation star putting passion into action!

Kate Gilman-Williams is driven by a passion to protect animals. What marks her apart from most other 11 yr olds is her determination to communicate this, and to act for change!  Remarkably, she wrote to Microsoft to ask them if they would help her.  Thanks to Sarah Maston and her team at Project15, Kate is now able to put her passion into action!

We were delighted to be interviewed by Kate recently. Check out the interview here!

It turns out, and this is something that hadn’t really occurred to us before, that although many kids would love to actually participate in conservation, it’s not that easy for them to find accessible projects. However, FIT is different! Anyone of any age, armed with a phone and a ruler, can be an FIT detective and help us collect data. These data are the engine of our research, helping us protect endangered species around the world!

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