Our first USA FIT Workshop!

Neoichnology. The science of footprints. Footprints for wildlife conservation.

Last week something remarkable happened. A group of wildlife conservationists, physicists, geologists, security experts, computer scientists, statisticians, drone experts and engineers from all over the world got together to discuss a different approach to wildlife monitoring. A non-invasive approach, one that does not disturb animals. One that provides data on species, individuals, age and sex with high accuracy. One that is inclusive of traditional ecological knowledge. One that empowers local communities. One that can work with other non-invasive approaches. The Footprint Identification Technique.

WildTrack has been to and hosted many events over decades, but the degree of energy, enthusiasm, and excitement to cooperate at this workshop was unprecedented.  We thank our friends at JMP Software, SAS, the US Army Research Office and senseFly for making it possible.

So now we have built a new community: WildTrackFIT.  On this, World Wildlife Day, we celebrate a new direction for wildlife monitoring and protection.

If you work with footprints, or can offer other skills to our group, come join us!

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