Realigning Our Priorities Post-Pandemic

As we emerge, slowly and unsteadily, from the thunderbolt of the first Pandemic, with more almost certain to come, it seems a good time to look at the path ahead.

Do we want to return to the consumptive, exploitative, financial-growth-fixated world that we left?

The experience of being rendered close to meltdown by a zoonotic virus has demonstrated how dependent we are on a healthy relationship with nature.  And therein lies the key. Can we learn how to achieve that?

The answer is yes, if we start to learn how nature delivers sustainable, renewable and balanced systems.

Daniel Christian Wahl explains how.

Colleagues in Botswana collect lion footprints to monitor populations there

At WildTrack we use the biomimetic tools of footprints (signals from nature) and the expertise of traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) to help monitor and protect endangered species. We’re looking forward to expanding this integration as a small contribution to global health for all species.


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